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Kella's 100% Natural Argan Oil is extracted from nuts picked from the Argan Tree found only in Morocco. This exceptional tree looks similar to an olive tree but possess traits unlike any other. It is described, by a berber woman, as being the Miracle Tree, a tree that can survive on hardly any water in desert like conditions.

At Kella, our nuts are picked right from these unique trees when they are their ripest and then cold pressed immediately after producing one of the best quality Argan oil found in Morocco. Kella's 100 % argan oil is pressed using modern equipment by Indigenous Berber Women of Morocco providing them and their families a better life.

Known as liquid gold, Argan oil is endowed with age defying and hydrating qualities in an all natural and organic form. This one of a kind oil is easily absorbed into the skin and hair enhancing elasticity and suppleness as well as improving texture. It is so considered to be so versatile that it can be used for almost any skin ailment including eczema and even acne.

Kella's all natural and 100% organic Argan oil is one of the purest oils you can find and from one of the most well known Argain oil producing regions of Morocco.

Application Tips:

Apply a few drops of this lightweight oil on your skin, body, or hair for anything from split ends to stretch marks. Use as a daily moisturizer to relieve and sooth dry skin, or as a nighttime treatment to smooth wrinkles.


Kella’s 100% All Natural Fig Seed Oil is cold pressed from seeds extracted from the Barbary Fig fruit by the same Indigenous Berber woman that produce our 100% All Natural Argan Oil. Barbary Fig Seed, or better known as Prickly Pear Fruit, can be found growing in abundance with in the high Atlas Mountains of Morocco alongside our phenomenal Argan Trees.

Believed to be even more beneficial and versatile than Argan Oil, Barbary Fig Seeds are not only delicious to eat, but their amazing oil possesses the ability to hydrate your skin increasing its elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, under eye dark circles, and even those unwanted spider veins,. High in amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin K and E, and Linoleic acid it is a must have for anybody who is looking for the best from nature.

Kella's 100 % Barbary Fig Seed Oil is cold pressed from fruit found in one of the best regions of Morocco using only the seeds, not from the macerated extracts of its flower, using modern day equipment.

Application Tips:

Apply two or three drops of this easily absorbed oil upon your cheeks, forehead, lips, or under your eye. This exceptional oil naturally contains ingredients such as vitamin E, antioxidants, and amino acids that tone, smooth, and protect your skin against free radicals and aging. Use as an anti-aging night-time moisturizer, or as a healing facial ointment against everyday environmental stresses.

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