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Kella's origins lead back to a childhood ritual of soaking the hair and body with argan oil sent from Morocco. Born from an American father, and a Moroccan mother, I remember my mother lovingly applying the sweet gold oil upon my hair and skin. Throughout my life, I've witnessed the timeless age-defying qualities of the oil with awe and wonder upon my grandmother, mother, and myself.

The Argan Tree, with it's cactus like qualities grows only in Morocco, and survives with barely any water or care. The tree is known as the 'The Miracle tree' among the indigenous natives of Morocco, called The Berbers. Generations of Berber women extract the liquid gold oil painstakingly for hours using methods passed on by their ancestors. The fruit of this tree, argan, is believed to keep them forever young.

Through countless visits to my mother's homeland, Morocco, I discovered not only the origins of argan, but other amazing fruits of Morocco such as Barbary Fig Seed. It's believed to possess even more timeless anti-aging benefits than argan, and grows in abundance within the desert like Berber villages south of Morocco. They are patiently peeled, seeds extracted, and cold pressed using modern equipment better preserving the integrity of their oils. The oil extracted from these phenomenal fruits contains high quantities of Vitamin E as well as the essential fatty acid Omega 6. Both of these ingredients famous for their anti-aging properties.

At Kella, We believe in sharing these amazing natural beauty secrets shared generation by generation of Moroccan women with you. Our oils are purely organic, grown and harvested exclusively in Morocco, and produced by co-ops of Moroccan woman who earn a living wage. We believe in providing opportunities and resources to these phenomenally strong Berber women with their amazing stamina for life and beauty. For those eager and yearning for anything natural we at Kella believe in providing the best Morocco has to offer.

Because you deserve it!!